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Ye Eun- she is my friend and my penpal :D
She know what to say, in every situation. Awesome girl! lol anyway, she is nice and i like her ^^

Yun Seok - hehe my penpal ^^ i really like him

Lonko=She was sitting next to me in my old school She is good in math T_T why?? She is so clever <.<...ahh

????= She is a lovely girl who loves pigs. I bought her a
She is always eating and she always want to go shopping!! She drives me crazy, but she is one of my most important friends.

Sungjin= I went to the sea with her.

Miyoung= Hmmm we have many things in common. A good penpal ^^

Dog Dish= ( ye ye sleep night and good well :P)

Julie = Whenever I talked to you, I was feeling very safe.
You became a very important friend to me and I will always be grateful to know you. You mean a lot to me

Silli = I actually dont know how to thank you and I dont know how to explain what I think of you. I never watched that many Desperate Housewives Episodes with someone ^^´ You are such a good friend.

Elizabeth - You know how much you mean to me and still, its more than just unbelievable how patient you were and how you helped me through the last year. I never realized it so much than I do it now. And im very grateful, that I finally get what I could never realize before.

Asuka- We dont see each other that much, but It helps me a lot just knowing that you are here and I know that I can count on you.

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