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Living and having happy times, living and having sad times. Walking and smiling, sitting and sometimes crying.
Sleeping and dreaming, trying to sleep and thinking.
Shouting and going, loving and staying.
Listen and giving advices, talking and hearing advices.
Being alone or having somebody.
Making choices or expecting help.
Being depressed or being happy.
Got the wrong direction, or the right one.
Dying or living.

These are some normal stages of life you might have go through. Some of them will change and some will just be a part of your life, triggered cause of your decisions. It could be that you are not able to go everywhere, because you might stick in one of these stages and dont have the power to move on.
But frankly speaking, everything i wrote over there is not everything what could happen and just a tiny bit of the life.

My life...well, i cannot explain it. Im even not entirely sure what i´ve gone through already, but im sure that im sticking in ´something´, whatever it is.
But I know, that im able to move on, even if its very slow, but I have reasons to move on.

But theres something important I need to say.

Im spending my life, I will spend my life, I will go through some new stages of life, through a lot;

But...I will spend my whole life with thinking of what I´ve lost.

12.1.09 23:42


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